HUDTube overview How to create playlist from YouTube Playlists manager in action
  • NEW! Support for multiple formats

    Now HUDTube supports multiple video formats. You can watch your AVI, FLV, DivX, MKV, MP4 and many other files inside HUDTube.

  • Create and edit playlists

    Import playlists from YouTube by just dragging them onto HUDTube like regular video link. Then use your playlist manager to create your own playlists or tweak the ones from YT!

  • As simple as drag and drop

    Simply drag the video’s address and drop it onto the HUDTube dock icon, application window or menubar icon to enjoy your browser free video!

  • Loop your music with no hassle

    Say goodbye to clicking ‘play’ over and over again. With HUDTube you can simply select the ‘repeat’ option to enjoy the limitless loop.

  • Keep your workflow uninterrupted

    Put HUDTube window on the corner of the screen, tune its opacity or minimize it altogether for easy access from the Dock.

  • Free your browser’s memory

    Watching a lot of videos in your browser can really slow down your computer. HUDTube frees your browser’s resources and improves your computer’s performance.

  • Adjustable window size and opacity

    Place HUDTube window anywhere on the screen and tune it for your convenience so it doesn't bother you more than you want it to!

  • Play previous videos

    HUDTube remembers all the videos you watched, so you can always easily go back to the last cool thing you've seen or this awesome music you've listened to.

NOTE Unfortunatelly we had to discontinue experimental in-HUDTube Apple TV support.
Here's instruction how you can use HUDTube with AirPlay on Mountain Lion and Mavericks.


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